Over 40 Years Experience In The Piano Industry

I have been a piano tuner in Sussex and Surrey for over 40 years and we are happy to tune pianos of all makes and ages. Piano tuning is recommended twice a year, however, some clients like concert halls and pianos used for public performances may need more frequent tuning. Pianos used infrequently in the home may require tuning less often. 

I am pleased to offer impartial advice. In reality the weather has nearly as much effect on the tuning of a piano as the amount the piano is played. We find that on some visits an instrument will have held it’s tuning, whereas on a subsequent visit to the same piano we may find it badly out of tune.

Piano Tuning

Piano tuners in Sussex since 1981. 

We offer appointments throughout the week, and occasionally at weekends, so we can find an appointment time to suit you. A call back for your next scheduled appointment is our responsibility. It can be so easy to forget when your piano was last tuned. However, we realise, clients go on holiday or just don’t need the piano tuning twice a year. We are very flexible and will be happy just to keep in touch.

The fee for an initial fine tuning starts at £95.00.
Subsequent fine tunings start at a rate of £75.00
I are not VAT. registered and I do not normally add any miles fees. You would be advised before the visit if additional fees apply. If a piano is not worth tuning a nominal fee for travel will be charged dependent on distance travelled.

Piano Repairs

We offer an impartial piano repairs service to our clients. Whether you have a broken piano string, or need a fully comprehensive rebuild of an instrument, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on our impartiality, if your piano is not worth repairing we will tell you. We realise that some pianos have sentimental value to their owners and we always do our utmost to offer the best advice.

At this moment in time piano values are historically low so it maybe more affordable to purchase a newer instrument than repairing your existing piano. We will work with you to come to an affordable solution.

Piano Sales

Although I do not have a showroom, some of clients which to either upgrade or sell the pianos. If you wish to advertise your piano for no fee please submit good quality pictures, measurements and any additional comments you think maybe relevant to the sale of your piano.

Piano Removals

Anywhere in the world! Or to another room in your home while you decorate!
The cost of removal depends on:-
Number of steps (If any)
Size of instrument (Larger instruments require more manpower to move them)
We strongly recommend that a piano tuning is not done until the piano has settled into its new location which takes approximately 4 weeks. Although we do not move pianos ourselves, we can normally recommend a company to help you out.

“It would be nice to say I knew everything about pianos, but that would be far from the truth, even after 35 years! Every piano is different, some have been looked after and will be playable for many years to come. Other instruments have been badly stored or not serviced in decades. Some can be saved and others are beyond economic repair. At worst I can offer some advice, at best I can breath new life into an unloved piano.”

Owner, Richard Colwell

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If you have a question about your piano and you think I can help, please  drop me a line.