Over 30 Years Experience In The Piano Industry
We have been tuning, repairing and selling pianos in Sussex since 1981. Now we cover a much larger area and in addition to West and East Sussex we offer our piano service in Surrey, Kent and South London.

Piano Tuning
Piano tuners in Sussex since 1981 we offer appointments throughout the week, and at weekends, so we can find an appointment time to suit you. We will call you back for your next scheduled appointment, as it is so easy to forget when your piano was last tuned.

Piano Repairs
We are pleased to offer an impartial piano repairs service to our clients. Whether you have a broken piano string, or need a fully comprehensive rebuild of an instrument, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on our impartiality, if your piano is not worth repairing, we will tell you.

Piano Sales
We are pleased to offer both new and used pianos for sale. Some of our pianos are offered for sale direct from us, but we are pleased to offer third party pianos for sale. Do you need some piano buying advice?

Piano Removals
Anywhere in the world! Or to another room in your home while you decorate!
The cost of removal depends on:-
Number of steps (If any)
Size of instrument (Larger instruments require more manpower to move them)
We strongly recommend that a piano tuning is not done until the piano has settled into its new location which takes approximately 4 weeks..