Piano Repairs

I am pleased to offer an impartial piano repair service to our clients. Whether you have a broken piano string or need a fully comprehensive rebuild of an instrument I am  here to help. We pride ourselves on our impartiality. If your piano is not worth repairing I will tell you.

Pianos vary in their construction and therefore the same repair can take longer on one instrument than another and consequently cost more.

I do charge for quotes as this allows us to be completely impartial.  You will have paid for my time, so I don’t need to find unnecessary work to cover the cost of my inspection. Smaller repairs are undertaken without a quotation, but will be discussed with the client, on the day.

I pride myself on the quality , efficiency and on the integrity of my work. 


Repairs are charged at £100.00 per hour. Plus the cost of materials. I will not undertake repairs unless they are cost effective. Occasionally clients will ask me to restore a piano for sentimental reasons which I am happy to do. However, I will always keep an eye on the viability of a project.

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If you have a question about your piano and you think I can help, please  drop me a line.