Piano Tuners

Piano tuners Sussex SurreyWe have been piano tuners in Sussex and Surrey for over 30 years and we are happy to tune pianos of all makes and ages. Piano tuning is recommended twice a year, however, some clients like concert halls and pianos used for public performances may need more frequent tuning. Pianos used infrequently in the home may require tuning less often. We are pleased to offer impartial advice. In reality the weather has nearly as much effect on the tuning of a piano as the amount the piano is played. We find that on some visits an instrument will have held it’s tuning, whereas on a subsequent visit to the same piano we may find it badly out of tune.

The fee for an initial fine tuning starts at £90.00.
Subsequent fine tunings start at a rate of £70.00
We are not VAT. registered.

What if we are unable to tune your piano?
On the rare occasion your piano is untunable there is call out fee to cover our travel expenses.

Do You Forget when your piano needs tuning?
We will remind you! We are a small well established family business and we are fortunate enough to expand our client base through recommendation. When we call you. we do not need to be “Pushy”! We are more than happy to keep in contact with our clients even if you don’t wish the piano to be tuned every time we call.

Piano tuning appointments
Appointments are made with an hours timeframe, however,if we are going to be late we will call. A fine tuning takes approximately 1 hour. Should you require additional repairs to your piano we will need a longer appointment. Please let us know when making the appointment if you think your piano may be in need of repairs. For your convenience Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Are piano tuners brains wired differently?
Here is an interesting article explaining how the brain of a piano tuner may develop differently regarding memory. read more…